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July 2019

There are many reasons to sell a house, and three of them are rising to the top of the list today.

Do you have a reason to sell and move to a home that better fits your current lifestyle and needs?

July 2019 Newsletter


June 2019

It's June and the beginning of summer! A big focus for many people is taking the opportunity to get away for a bit and enjoy the nice weather! Wondering where you shoudl goon your next vacation? In this month's video I've shared some fun photos from our recent travels - perhaps one of our photos will spark an idea for your next destination.

June 2019 Newsletter

May 2019

Learn a little about the Equity Group Foundation and its special focus in May 2019 to support the needs of the Capes and Crown Foundation.

May 2019 Newsletter


April 2019

If you have your first mortgage, this information may be new and helpful for you. If you've had a mortgage for quite a while,

this information may be a good reminder of actions you can take to pay off your mortgage in a shorter period of time.

April 2019 Newsletter


March 2019

It's Spring!  And time to get outside to enjoy the sunshine. Here is a preview of

some of the local parks where you can walk, picnic, play or just relax and enjoy the outdoors.

March 2019 Newsletter


February 2019

Unfortunately, as in many other areas of daily living, cyber fraud is pretty rampant in

Real Estate transactions. Watch the video to learn recent statistics on the extent of funds

lost due to wire fraud and some tips on how you can protect yourself during a transaction.

February 2019 Newsletter


January 2019

I asked some of my team for advice for suggestions on how Buyers and Sellers

can prepare for the real estate market in 2019. Here is what they said-

January 2019 Newsletter



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