Why Use A Realtor When Selling Your Home?

Selling homes
Choosing to work with a real estate agent could be the most crucial element of the home selling experience.
A Realtor © is a professional who knows all that needs to be done. They have the experience and resources to advertise your home, coach you on making your home ‘shine’ when shown to prospective buyers, and help you come out with the same amount of dollars or more than you could command by selling your home yourself.

Pricing Your Home

Every local real estate market has its own trends and opportunities. This can vary greatly, even from one neighborhood to the next. When you are selling your home, a professional real estate agent, like me, who has a pulse on the local market can help you set a fair market price.

Dressing your home for Success
I can also advise you on how to get more money for your home by making a few simple changes. Curb appeal is critical to get the buyers to come into your home. I have an understanding of what buyers are looking for and what turns them off. I can provide you will tips on how to prepare your home for showing appointments to make your home the most appealing one seen by the buyers.

Access to Customers
A professional Realtor will effectively advertise your home using a variety of resources. The key is to get your home visible to as many potential buyers as possible. I use a variety of direct mail, newspaper ads, networking and especially a good presence on internet web sites.

Managing the Sale
Nobody can “show and sell” your home as effectively as a professional Realtor. A higher percentage of showings through Realtors are with buyers who are qualified to buy the home, so you have less traffic through your home of people ‘just looking’. You generally get more for your home when a professional Realtor is handling the negotiations.  Your real estate agent will also ensure all the paperwork involved in selling a home is thorough and completed on time.

Peace of Mind
Throughout the home selling process, I will communicate with you to ensure you have a clear understanding on every step. From the listing contract to advertising, from the home inspection to title search, from appraisal to closing, I help to make the full sale process as easy and efficient as possible.

If you are looking for a professional Realtor to sell your home, please contact me.